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StroWallet enables your customers to make direct payments to you through their local bank accounts. Additionally, it offers features such as obtaining a physical ATM card, virtual card, BulkSMS, Savings, and making bill payments. You can now control your account offline by dial *347*647#

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StroWallet Has Everything You’ll Ever Need

With our powerful and comprehensive platform, you will no longer have to chase payments. StroWallet is equipped with a wide range of features, including our payment link, which enables you to effortlessly and quickly collect money.

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StroWallet offers service plans that are both affordable and flexible, without any setup fees, hidden fees, or contracts. Our plans are designed to suit the needs of your business.
Our Services

What Solutions We Provide


StroWallet provides online invoicing and payment solutions for businesses and freelancers. With our platform, you can easily create invoices and send them directly to your customers' email addresses. Payments can be processed quickly, allowing you to get paid within seconds.

Bill Payments

With StroWallet, you can conveniently purchase airtime and internet data bundles for all major networks. In addition, you can make payments for services such as DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Showmax, electricity bills, and other bill payments. Our platform enables you to handle these transactions seamlessly and efficiently.

Physical & Virtual Card

offers a convenient spending card tailored to your needs. With our Virtual Card, you can enjoy easy spending and make cross-border payments within minutes. Grab your Virtual Card now and experience hassle-free transactions with StroWallet

Fund Transfer

Once you receive payments from your customers through StroWallet, you will have immediate access to your funds. You can send out the money without any delays or holds, allowing you to manage your finances efficiently and effectively.

Developer API

We offer a comprehensive API that allows you to integrate StroWallet services into your platform. With our API, you can facilitate fund transfers, create virtual accounts, issue virtual USD cards, process bill payments, and much more. Our API provides a seamless way to leverage the functionalities of StroWallet within your own application or system.

Bank Account

Are you concerned about the security and convenience of your business or personal bank account? Look no further! Open a free bank account for your personal or business use within just 1 minute. Our streamlined process ensures a quick and hassle-free account opening experience. Start enjoying the benefits of a reliable bank account today.


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