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Make Money by working with us
Refer Merchants and Earn Rewards

Unlock Earnings by Referring Merchants
Did you know you can earn rewards by referring merchants to use our Virtual Account or Virtual Dollar Card API on their platforms?


  • For Naira Virtual Accounts: Earn 0.2% on every transaction they make, with no limitations.
  • For Virtual Dollar Cards: Earn $0.1 plus 0.75% of every deposit they make, instantly credited to your account, ready for use or withdrawal.

How to Refer:

  1. Manual Referral: Inform merchants to use your username as their agent during registration.
  2. Email Referral: Send us their email address each time they register, and we will assign them to your downline.
  3. For Developers and Script Sellers: Integrate your referral seamlessly by adding the developer_code field with your username. This automatically assigns any account using your script to your downline.

Start referring today and enjoy continuous earnings with every transaction your referred merchants make!

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